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Tram-Blair Customer Testimonials

Wonderful Job

"Just wanted to say thank you for my well-fitting dentures. They fit perfectly right from the start and you did a wonderful job. I'm very happy with them and will be back for any future needs."

Rianne, Kitchener

They Made Me Smile

"Wearing dentures for the last 50 years, and primarily going to dentists, I moved to Waterloo and decided to try Tram-Blair Denture Clinic. Mylan and Keith have been my denturists for the last 10 years and they made me smile with their specialized care so give them a try and let them make you smile too."

Connie, Waterloo

Knowledge and Excellent Service

"I would like to express how thankful I am that Tram-Blair Denture Clinic helped and advised me at a time when it was necessary for me to have my natural teeth replaced. In the trauma of it all, Mylan and Keith supported me with their knowledge and excellent service, as well as with very reasonable fees. I still rely on their expertise, service and friendly help whenever necessary. I highly recommend their excellence and skill."

Joy, Kitchener

Really Comfortable

"Both my husband and I are very happy with the dentures that we got at Tram-Blair Denture Clinic. These are our second sets; they fit very well and are really comfortable. Keith and Mylan are wonderful people and so caring. We strongly recommend their service to anyone."

John and Beth, Waterloo

Thoroughly Satisfied

"I was extremely comfortable and thoroughly satisfied with the impeccable professionalism and thoughtful sensitivity to my denture needs from both denturists."

Ron, Elmira

Kind, Caring, Courteous

"During the many years I have been a patient of Tram-Blair Denture Clinic, I have always found them to be most kind, caring, courteous and very capable. Their dentures are a perfect fit, made with the best materials and workmanship, ensuring continued comfort and satisfaction. Their follow up care is exceptional. I sincerely recommend them."

Yvonne, Kitchener

Highly Recommeded

"I got a recommendation from a friend to go to Tram-Blair Denture Clinic. I was really impressed with his and his wife’s work on my dentures and also the good hygiene of the operation. My husband and I were very satisfied. We have recommended friends and they were also very happy with Keith and Mylan’s work... Highly Recommeded."

Carol, Elmira

Genuinely Care

"I would recommend Tram-Blair Denture Clinic to anyone of any age. They genuinely care about each and every one of their patients, being sure they are comfortable and satisfied. My upper denture and lower partial are both very comfortable and look so realistic, a real work of art. I’ve been so pleased with all services provided."

Janet, Elmira

Friendly People

"Keith and Mylan are both friendly people who initially fixed a broken denture of mine very promptly. I decided to return when I needed new dentures and they have always fit perfectly."

Peter, Kitchener

Fit Perfectly

"Thanks so much for a really good job on my new dentures. They have fit perfectly from the start and I have had no sore spots. You are a real pro."

Jessie, Waterloo

Very Satisfied

"They gave me good advice and the dentures they made for me fit really well. I was very satisfied with the care they provided."

Ivan, Kitchener

Recommend To Everyone

"I’m extremely happy with my dentures. They fit well and are very comfortable. I get many compliments because they look very natural. I’m very pleased with the service and treatment I received at Tram-Blair Denture Clinic and I would recommend everyone I know to go there."

Gabriele, Kitchener

Best Appliance Ever

"I've been wearing oral appliances to treat my snoring and sleep apnea for 12 years and this is the best appliance that I have had. It's really comfortable and I like the fact that I can move my jaw freely while wearing it.Thanks again. "

John, Waterloo

Increased Energy Levels

"This appliance is the greatest thing since sliced bread! My snoring has been reduced so much that my wife doesn't know whether I'm awake or asleep. I've also noticed a boost in my energy level. "

Bryan, Kitchener

I Can Move Freely

"Because I move so much when I sleep, I found that my CPAP mask would begin to pull away from my face and cause air leakage. With the oral appliance, I can move freely without restriction and I wake up feeling well rested. "

Eileen, Guelph

Sleeping Soundly

"I now sleep soundly and feel more rested in the morning. It seems to be about 95% effective and I find oral appliances comfortable to wear. 

Howard, St. Jacobs

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